The Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky is proud to partner with NKY Magazine to bring you this Community Guide. Northern Kentucky is an area rich in history and economic success that offers a vibrant lifestyle.

For years, Northern Kentucky has been a place where people choose to live. The area’s communities provide many choices to call home. If you are interested in an urban lifestyle, the cities of Covington, Newport and Bellevue among others offer several options from single-family homes to high-rise condominiums.

Our more established neighborhoods are renowned for their individual charm and character. If you are new, you will soon realize the historic perspective of our cities’ names – Fort Wright, Fort Mitchell and Fort Thomas were military encampments at one time, but are flourishing communities today. The river towns of Ludlow, Bromley and Dayton provide a lifestyle near the water with their own personalities. Other well-established suburbs abound: Lakeside Park, Crestview Hills, Villa Hills, Park Hills and Crescent Springs are named for their geographic amenities that mean home.

If the ease of a newer home is your choice, there are several growing areas to call home. Alexandria, Cold Spring, Independence, South Covington and Taylor Mill in Kenton and Campbell counties offer newer communities. Boone County has been growing for several years and offers beautiful communities in Florence, Hebron, Union and Walton. There are rural opportunities in the area as well.

The draw of Northern Kentucky is in part based on lifestyle and affordability. The quality of life in Northern Kentucky is unparalleled. There are several award-winning schools and the private school opportunities are many. The cost of living is lower than many areas, and on whole the taxes are lower. Northern Kentucky’s cost of living is about 16 percent less than the U.S. average. Many visitors marvel at the home they can buy for the investment. The median sales price of homes in our area by zip codes range from $50,000 to $215,000.

Employment plays into the area’s vibrancy. The unemployment rate is just over 7 percent. This is well below the region’s overall rate. Several large employers contribute to Northern Kentucky’s job market. Construction plays a large role as well. Both the direct and indirect jobs created by residential construction will provide more than 4,700 jobs in 2013 and opportunities for employment are increasing.

Northern Kentucky residents have many options when it comes to leisure activities. Whether it is shopping, walking, hiking, boating, biking, going to a movie, visiting one of our local restaurants or relaxing at home with family or friends, Northern Kentucky has what you need to enjoy yourself.

Thanks for visiting. We hope you join us and call our area home. For information about communities and new homes in Northern Kentucky, call the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky at (859) 331-9500 or go to

Miller is executive vice president of the Home Builders Association of Northern Kentucky.