There’s Even More to Celebrate

Talk about the Midas touch.

When James Salyers decided to back what his wife, Donna, called her “sewing project” by investing in the old Woolworth’s building in downtown Covington, who knew? It’s now a faux fur empire with sales to Saks and ski shops in Aspen. And the power couple are unabashed cheerleaders for their adopted home in Northern Kentucky.

Our piece on Fabulous-Furs tells their compelling story with photos that capture the luxury of this NKY jewel.

It also captures the essence of Northern Kentucky — where businesses succeed in a welcoming and supportive business climate. We’re glad to reflect that success in NKY magazine.

NKY magazine, dedicated to celebrating the people and communities of Northern Kentucky, was launched last March as a quarterly. It just wasn’t enough. The enthusiasm and the response to NKY made us realize we needed to ramp up to six issues in 2012. So, watch for us every other month.

We’ve taken another leap forward, with the support of readers and community leaders, to extend that celebration with a Best of NKY showcase of restaurants, entertainment, shopping, services and celebrities. Ballots for the Best of NKY are included in this issue. So, make your nominations and then join us at our May 17 event to sample the best pizza, bakery delicacies and vote for winners all around.