The Louisville-based Spalding University strives to reach out to its students and community to create an impact that will last a lifetime. Whether it is with student life, volunteer work or outreach services, Spalding University is growing and adapting with its students.

“Community impact culture is extremely present throughout the campus,” says Beth Newberry, director of executive communications at Spalding University. “One way we build this impact culture is through Mission Society.” 

Spalding University constructed Mission Society with the idea of solving the campus’ mission statements and making them apparent throughout the college. Performing activities to promote diversity in the community, peace and justice, and dedication to meeting the needs of the times are just a few ways the university achieves its mission statements in the community. “This year we were awarded a federal level grant to support bringing diversity into study. Diversity is very important to us,” says Newberry. 

Community outreach is also apparent in the university’s Growth and Greening organization. Being placed in the middle of a city with an abundance of concrete and buildings creates a “heat island” around campus. Spalding University has partnered with the sewer district in Louisville and other companies to help replace unused parking lots with grass to cool off the campus, plant more trees and enhance the landscape to create a beautiful and thriving campus. 

Spalding University strives to be better and do better for their students. With an emergent school, growth and expansion is inevitable. The university puts an emphasis on fundraising dollars for the expansion of the school. Three years ago, Spalding University became an official NCAA Division III School for its athletics. This has propelled Spalding University to build onto its athletic department. A fundraising goal of $20 million was set. So far the school has raised $12 million for its athletics and is continuing to raise money. “Spalding University does not use any of the student’s tuition money for growth and expansion,” says Newberry. “We strictly use it for their education so we can put the money to good use and place it back into their pockets.”

Serving the biggest needs of the community, Spalding University has generated outreach services for the public around it. The Center for Behavioral Health is a full-service psychological health service building for anyone seeking guidance in behavioral health. In addition to this, the university provides a comprehensive rehabilitation facility that offers physical therapy to anyone in need.

EnTECH is another program the university provides for the community that works with individuals from ages 2 to adulthood with computer programs that engage children and adults to work more independently. “This program really helps the individuals attending learn to live the fullest lives,” says Newberry.

“Creating and placing all these little pieces are great ways to get the students and community informed about the campus and to grow with the students the four years they are here,” says Newberry.