Radiology Associates of Northern Kentucky is a private practice partnered with St. Elizabeth Healthcare. It has provided radiological services in Northern Kentucky medical centers since 1949. According to its website, the practice’s mission is “to provide compassionate, convenient, and high-quality radiology services to all of our patients.” The practice boasts more than 30 physicians of varying expertise.

“All of [the physicians] are fellowship trained, but some of them have moved to our practice from very strong academic centers, such as Iowa, Indiana and Mayo Clinic,” says CEO Chad Wiggins.

Wiggins says that Radiology Associates provides compassionate care in a local setting for all patients. Nine locations throughout Northern Kentucky are paired with St. Elizabeth Healthcare hospitals and imaging centers. 

“We consolidated our corporate office and our freestanding clinic, which provides spine and vascular outpatient services, into a single space,” says Wiggins.

The incorporation of the outpatient clinic into corporate space on 375 Thomas More Parkway is an institutional move that aligns with the practice’s goal of providing quality care and efficiency. 

The move brings patients closer to the heart of the practice, which covers every subspecialty of radiology for an all-encompassing patient experience south of the Ohio River. 

Being the largest radiology practice in the area has allowed Radiology Associates the resources to use state-of-the-art technology in procedures and imaging.

“We have subspecialty expertise in mammography, musculoskeletal, neuro and a strong interventional radiology division, so we have expertise in every facet of the specialty of radiology,” says Wiggins.

The interventional radiology division, Vascular Interventional Associates, was started in 2003. Physicians work to treat patients with the most innovative and least disruptive procedures available. Minimally invasive procedures are often guided by imaging technology and decrease risk, pain and shorter recovery periods. These procedures are used to treat maladies from back pain to cancer and are increasingly being used instead of open surgery.

Diagnostic imaging services provided by Radiology Associates ensure the accuracy of diagnoses. X-Rays, CT scans and MRIs are all utilized at the private practice.

There is nothing wrong with being an eternal student, gaining knowledge with each passing day. Radiology Associates prides itself on creating comfort outside of preferred subspecialties for its physicians.

Radiology Associates has a track record of local procedural firsts. According to its website, it was the first private practice in greater Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky to perform several procedures, including image-guided breast biopsies, angioplasty and stent placements, PET scanning for cancer, and vertebroplasty.

“We strive to do quite a bit of investigational research into the newest patient-focused services. We consider ourselves [to be] focusing like an academic center private practice.”

Radiology Associates are involved in the Northern Kentucky Special Olympics as well as the Cincinnati Special Olympics through sponsorships. It also actively supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure, as the practice is involved in mammography research.