The goal of retirement is for people to start relaxing, enjoying life and not having to worry about the little things. The new trend within Northern Kentucky is for retirement homes to be welcoming places where those who live there feel at ease while “home.”

Many native Kentuckians might be aware of Rosedale Green and the types of services it provides within the retirement community. Rosedale Green aims its services toward providing a home that embraces every individual patient’s needs and makes them look forward to their future. This same trend of “resident-directed living” has taken flight and is now the goal of Emerald Trace, a sister campus to Rosedale Green. Emerald Trace is located on Turkeyfoot Road in Elsmere.

Shining a new light on a different kind of retirement home, this location has four separate houses, each specializing in different patient-care systems. “The household model of design that we built at Emerald Trace, and are currently remodeling at Rosedale Green, is a new concept in the Northern Kentucky community. It completely changes the organizational chart and how we operate a long-term care facility,” says Londa Knollman, executive director of both Rosedale Green and the new Emerald Trace.

The newest trend around the retirement community is memory care. “Memory care especially stood out as a needed service” says Knollman. The vision behind the new home was to make clear that no person, regardless of location, was left behind.

“Although we had to keep our skilled bed in Kenton County we wanted to look and find a location that was underserved. Boone County and south Kenton County appeared to be underserved,” says Knollman.

The houses focus on memory care, short-term rehabilitation and long-term rehabilitation. All homes are fully furnished just like a home. Each resident has his or her own apartment to emphasize independent living.

The team members of Emerald Trace are focused on providing an environment where the residents feel that their needs are what is most important. Putting an emphasis on privacy and comfort, Knollman says, “We are no longer providing senior services in a large institution designed around the task of staff. We are creating a home where residents make an address change and staffing come into their home and provide services.” 

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