Perfection Landscaping in Florence started as a way for Eric Edwards to make some extra money, but it’s become a company that landscapes for some of the region’s most important businesses.

An employee at Natorp’s while in high school, Edwards was occasionally asked by customers to help with planting trees. What started as planting a tree or two on the weekend became something much bigger.

“I realized I needed a hand. I’m like, ‘Dad do you want to make an extra $50?’ And then as it kind of kept going, … it got to the point where like, ‘Holy cow we’ve got all these trees to put in and then we need the weekend to do it or [to] mow this grass,’” says Edwards.

In 1998, a year after he graduated high school, Edwards and his father, John, decided to become 50/50 partners of Perfection Landscaping. The company has been growing ever since.

Perfection Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company that provides everything from mowing and lawn treatments to design and installation. The company predominately works on commercial projects, such as doing the landscaping for the Drees Company, all snow removal services for the City of Union and the landscaping for the Airheads factory. However, it also works on smaller projects for companies like All About Kids.

“Everything that we offer is of upmost importance to us. Whether that be cutting a homeowner’s grass 28 times a year or whether it be a complete design and installation and maintenance contract for a huge customer,” he says. “Everybody is the same and of equal importance.”

Edwards says that the company, which has 18 full-time employees, aims to go above and beyond when it comes to service. “If there’s any issue, we always try to go above the call of duty so to speak and make sure that the customer is not just happy but beyond happy,” he says.

For example, he once had an employee damage a nearby truck when using an edging machine. The employee spoke with the owner and took care of the problem. “By the end of the day, the guy’s truck’s fixed, he’s very happy and then he had us design a landscape for him even though we weren’t working on his house,” says Edwards.

While the company has changed and grown over the years, Edwards says none of it could have happened if he and his father hadn’t decided to go into business together.

“My dad and I are 50/50 partners, which is kind of a unique deal. Most of the time when it’s father-son, usually dad started the company in the ‘50s now it’s time for son to take over. And that’s not at all what happened. We worked together since the inception,” says Edwards.

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