At the corner of Lee and 12th Streets in Covington, away from bars in MainStrasse and Roebling Way, you’ll find Wunderbar. Open since 2012, Wunderbar radiates a local vibe and attracts patrons from throughout the area. The building boasts a series of colorful flags and a whimsical mural of Albert Einstein by artist Mark Brawley, and the fun continues inside.

In an eclectic and intimate setting, you’ll find picnic tables, a cozy performance space, televisions, a beer garden and even the front of a VW Bus—make sure to hop inside and pose for a picture. Brewing paraphernalia and artwork dot the walls throughout the building.

Slide up to the bar and place your order, the friendly staff can guide you through the menu featuring numerous locally and in-house made sausages including: bratwurst, mettwurst, lemon dill, curry and vegetarian varieties as well as giant pretzels, pierogies (provided by Cincinnati’s Babushka Pierogies), burgers and other goodies. Wunderbar’s bar features 40 beer choices ranging from imports to local craft beers and is still growing.

Covington resident Dylan Shelton says, “It’s a great neighborhood hangout and the atmosphere is comfortable and welcoming. I’ve seen families here; I’ve met people here for dinner, for a drink or to listen to some music.”

The cozy stage is where the fun continues with local artists making their name at this homey venue. Open mic night on Sundays has made the bar a gathering place for local musicians, drawing an average of 30 performers weekly. From 7 p.m. to 1 a.m., performers from throughout the Tristate area converge on Wunderbar, creating sweet memories and music while building a fan following. Other regular events include Thursday night Karaoke and Sunday Brunch, now featuring live folk and Bluegrass music.

Jared Schaedle (of the band Jared Schaedle and the Compound Fractures) plays here often.

“Wunderbar has become one of my favorite places to perform and watch live music in the Tristate. It seems every time I perform there, there is a new face to meet and compliment my music and songwriting,” Schaedle shares. “It has also allowed me to meet and play with new and different people, which has even helped hone my own skills. I play a mix of country, blues, swing, rockabilly, folk and punk rock music. The diverse audience that usually frequents Wunderbar is very open to my style of music.”

“The community support has been great and we feel like we are helping to shape the future of our neighborhood. We have city officials come here, neighborhood people, and people from across town,” Wunderbar co-owner Nate Chambers says. “When I look at our friends on our Facebook page, I see the faces of people that come here all the time, and that’s a great thing.”

Adds Chambers, “We like being away from the other bar areas. People that come here want to come here.”

Judging from the crowd any Sunday night, it would be hard to disagree with his logic. 1132 Lee St., Covington. 859-815-8027.