Jewell’s on Main is a restaurant with a self-descriptive name: a jewel. Or, as many of its loyal customers call it, “a hidden gem.”

Jewell’s describes itself on its website as “a casual dining restaurant with a Kentucky regional flare.” This restaurant calls tiny Gallatin County home, the smallest county in Kentucky by one mile.

But owners Justin and Rena Mylor always knew they wanted to open Jewell’s in their small hometown.

“After traveling with two kids, things became a little hectic and we wanted to move back home,” says Rena. “We purchased our location of Jewell’s after doing a lot of research and opened up nine years ago.”

However, the decision to open Jewell’s went beyond the desire to create a successful restaurant.

“We wanted it to be a gathering place for the community,” she says. “There was no other place people could go other than the grocery store to see other friends in the area. We wanted to make a local hangout, and I feel like we accomplished those goals. It’s really kind of cool that it all worked out the way we hoped it would.”

Although Jewell’s calls Gallatin County home, its success has attracted customers from across the state.

“We get a lot of our neighbors from across the river that drive over to see us in Warsaw,” says Rena. “We get a lot of customers from lots of other counties in the area. It’s awesome to be able to see that.”

So what attracts customers to Jewell’s, and what makes the regulars keep coming back?

“We’ve got a lot of unique hallmarks. I feel like the customers feel like we’ve known them forever. Regardless if we’ve seen you 20 times or one time, we treat you the same and with care. We may have never seen you before, but everyone feels warm and fuzzy when they come in.”

Beyond the TLC that Jewell’s faithfully provides to its customers—which can be backed up by a plethora of online positive reviews—the food certainly does not disappoint.

“Quite honestly, one thing we hear from customers is, ‘Oh my gosh, I never thought the food would be this good in Warsaw!’” Rena laughs. “While that’s kind of a backhanded compliment, the food really is fantastic. Our kitchen staff does a phenomenal job, and my husband is there to help cook and oversee every meal.”

And these meals provide tasty, Kentucky-favorite options for any diet.

“We’re best known for our shrimp and grits, our meatloaf and our catfish,” says Rena. “My personal favorite is the orange bourbon salmon.”

So what does Jewell’s have in store for its future?

“Beyond changing the menu twice a year, we have a fantastic staff that might help us expand someday,” she says. “We love our staff and our family. We never would have made the jump without them.”

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