Fried food is a staple of down-home Southern cooking, with chicken often as a main dish. It’s a simple meal enjoyed by nearly all Americans, and Greyhound Tavern maintains that same approach with its poultry.

“You take a chicken, you kill it and you fry it in a skillet,” says Butch Wainscott, Greyhound Tavern owner. “But we take it to a whole different level where people really enjoy it.”

For 26 years, Wainscott has owned and operated his restaurant with a focus on “fresh food cooked the right way.” Their “never frozen chicken” is hand-floured in a special seasoning before it’s dropped into vegetable oil and fried in a pressure cooker. What’s removed is a golden, crisp and moist chicken that has won countless awards for its flavor.

It’s not just the chicken that makes Greyhound Tavern a quintessential Kentucky establishment. The restaurant has 40 different bourbons, including all of Pappy Van Winkle’s selections. Wine lovers can also rejoice; Greyhound Tavern has a featured list with more than 70 bottles.

“Our wine list could rival any restaurant in downtown Cincinnati,” says Wainscott. “We have a lot of California wines that people really enjoy.”

In an era where small mom-and-pop restaurants have become harder to sustain, Greyhound Tavern has become a beacon of community pride in Fort Mitchell.

As he gets older, the 71-year-old Wainscott has entrusted his children, Brad, Danny, Gabe and Meggie Wainscott, to carry on his culinary philosophy.

“We’ve been around here quite a while so people know what they’re going to get when customers come here,” says Wainscott.