It seems as if NKY Magazine may not have found the current whereabouts of everyone important to the region’s illustrious past. With all due respect to those being written about in this issue, there are others whose names are bantered about when folks gather at the Anchor Grill. With a crack staff of former private investigators, a dozen or so Internet snoops and the entire 1980 membership of the Ludlow Hobo Club, we’ve gone where the editors dare not.

Orville McFudden – civil engineer for Mall Road, Florence

After completing the traffic flow design for Mall Road, McFudden was appointed deputy-under secretary for the U.S. Department of Transportation where he worked on the structural design for the Interstate 35 bridge in Minneapolis, Minn. Following his controversial testimony at Congressional hearings over the bridge’s collapse into the Mississippi River in 2007, McFudden started a private civil engineering firm advising the Chinese government on emissions controls. Now retired, McFudden is back in the region and working part-time for the City of Cincinnati, advising the city manager on its streetcar project.

Myra Strunk (aka Madam Flutterby) – B-girl/dancer at Newport’s 633 Flamingo Club

After testifying before the Kefauver Commission on Organized Crime, Strunk went underground and married an organic farmer who lived near Rabbit Hash. She and her husband Bob sunk all the money she made as a B-girl into publishing the All Cabbage Cookbook. Forced into bankruptcy by bad financial decisions, Myra came out of the shadows and wrote her memoirs about various members of the Cleveland mob she had known from her Newport days. Strunk is rumored to be currently residing under the cement somewhere around midfield of Paul Brown Stadium.

Louis “Jelly Doughnut” Mumsford – local lounge singer

Following a 20-year run as the weekend performer at the Ft. Mitchell Holiday Inn, Mumsford moved to Muscle Shoals, Ala., in hopes of continuing his dream of becoming a studio musician. After appearing on Duran Duran’s Thank You album, he disappeared into virtual obscurity writing and composing in a small loft near the Dayton floodwall. He is currently the musical director for Lady Gaga.

Travis Millhouse – NKY’s Softball King

Millhouse’s success at organizing local bars to participate in the Ludlow/Bromley softball league led Major League Baseball in 1969 to recruit him to be the general manager for the Seattle Pilots. When the team folded and moved to Milwaukee the very next year, Millhouse was broke and hitchhiked home. Bad at directions, he ended up in Houston, Texas, where today he is the director of player development for the Astros.

Shanna Finkle – Hostess at Bromley’s Catfish Ranch

As a young buxom hostess at Bromley’s Catfish Ranch, the blonde bombshell won salesperson of the year award from the Chamber of Commerce for convincing patrons that the cement vats at the sanitation-plant-turned-restaurant were actually fish tanks. She is now the weekend anchor at Fox News in New York City.

And as for me, sadly I’m still here.

Rick Robinson is a Ft. Mitchell lawyer, author and politician. His books are available at