Thriveology has a simple mission: to bring wellness to the community, one good habit at a time.

Recently renamed from Thrive Fitness, Thriveology prefers a well-rounded approach to health. Owner and personal trainer Jerry Scarlato says it’s all about balance. “People need to learn to manage their stress. They need to learn how to sleep better. They need to drink more water,” he says. “Fitness is about individualized lifestyle mentorship.”

The fitness center, which is moving about a mile down the road from its current Alexandria location, strives to teach its members sustainable habits. “People get sold these infomercial products and quick fixes,” says Scarlato. “Then they gain weight back and wonder where they went wrong.”

To prepare clients for sustainable health, Thriveology offers one-on-one meetings with lifestyle mentor Treves Janszen, a certified nutrition coach. Janszen meets with members to go over their habits from sleeping patterns to food choices and helps them make the best decisions for their individual needs. For members looking for a complete change in their eating habits, Janszen offers services like a grocery store field trip, where she teaches clients how to avoid temptation and shop smart, and a pantry overhaul, where Janszen goes through the client’s food and determines what should stay and what should go.

Nutrition will be an even bigger part of the new location’s services, where members will have the option of participating in workshops on topics like stress management and making smart carb choices, in addition to the individualized lifestyle services.

The move will also allow for more room for the business’s rapidly growing client base. When Scarlato first began training, he was working at his brother-in-law’s gym with a mostly athlete clientele. The group soon became too big for the gym, and Scarlato started Thrive Fitness in June 2014 in the space right next door. Now, just over three years later, Scarlato is moving again to a space roughly three times larger to accommodate his membership.

Despite the rapid growth and multiple moves, the core principle of Thriveology has not changed. “It’s all about the pack,” says Scarlato, whose current location is plastered with wolf imagery. “We’re a tight group and one day someone walked in and started talking about working out with the pack. Honestly, it just stuck. I think it’s important for people to understand this is a community.”

The grand opening of Thriveology is set for late August.

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