If you haven’t participated in the extraordinary myNKY survey asking for your participation in forming priorities for Northern Kentucky, please do it now. MyNKY.org is the place to go to make your views known—through a clever game that asks you to allocate your $1 million to the things that matter to you, and by participating in interactive polls and challenge questions. These polls change periodically, so keep visiting the site. The “idea campaign” started in mid-January and will continue for six months.

Vision 2015, a model community engagement and visioning group that any community would be proud to have, is conducting this survey and providing the platform for everybody to be heard. Vision 2015 is an outgrowth of the original Forward Quest. It was the result of a 10-year plan developed in 2005 and is nearing its completion.

What’s next for the coming 10 years? You can help make the plan.

Incredible things have happened thanks to the efforts of a wealth of volunteers and contributed resources dedicated to improving our region: parks, educational advancements, revealing studies on the region’s economy, social conditions and governance, the Northern Kentucky Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (a big endowed fund that has given back thousands of dollars to quality-of-life projects), bike and walking trails, riverfront development and so much more.

Vision 2015 Executive Director Bill Scheyer emphasizes that the campaign is aimed at developing “a shared public plan that represents the region’s priorities and identifies action steps to achieve common goals and creative solutions.”

Northern Kentucky University President Geoffrey Mearns and Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission Planner Sharmili Reddy will lead, guide and implement the community visioning outreach effort.

What would you like to see happen for the good of the region over the next five years? You can—and should—add your voice.

Go to myNKY.org and check out the clever approach to community planning along with the entertaining, informative videos. They’ll make you proud and help you think about possibilities!

Great communities don’t happen by accident. They require a plan shaped by the hopes, dreams, wants and needs of the community. – myNKY.org

Judy Clabes is editor of Northern Kentucky Magazine and editor/publisher of KyForward.com.