When you walk into A Fine Taste of India in Erlanger, many people tend to notice the Mahogany wooded framework of the interior, the natural lighting from the window and the overly plush booths you want to sink right into, but the atmosphere only amplifies the mouth-watering smells that are wafting in the air.

Officially established only a year ago after leasing the building and deciding to buy as owners, A Fine Taste of India is a hidden gem off Interstate 75 that offers authentic Indian cuisine . It is the one of the few restaurants in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area to offer halal, a term used for bloodless meat that has been approved edible according to Islamic law, to its customers. It attracts both Indian customers and those of the Muslim religion from all over the area.

Preparing halal meat is a six-step process, which can only be performed by people of the Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths, called zabihah, which is performed every time new meat is going to be cooked for a meal at the restaurant. The restaurant does not serve items such a pork or beef, as they are not halal approved, but has many alternate options for customers who are looking for a hearty meal with fresh ingredients.

“We cook healthy halal options like chicken, shrimp, lamb and fish,” says General Manager Sadiq Sctik.

They also have vegetarian-friendly options such as the garlic naan, an Indian flatbread, topped with garlic and coriander, and other specialty dishes such as chicken tikka masala, salmon curry, channa masala and saag paneer. If you are not sure what to try and are interested in a little bit of everything you can always opt for the adult buffet option.

“When customers walk in it is homey, friendly and a very natural place to be. People enjoy it,” says Sctik. Lunch buffet 11 a.m.-3 p.m., Dinner 5-9 p.m. 599 Donaldson Highway, Erlanger. 859-898-0203, finetasteofindia.com.