Great Food Pairs With Service and Surroundings

Maybe it’s the broad white porch? The floral wallpaper or the wood-panelled bar? Or the top-notch staff that makes you feel like your table is the only one that matters?

It’s all that. The Greyhound Tavern in Fort Mitchell simply surrounds you with southern comfort. Better book those holiday luncheons early because this place is a favorite.

Over the years, thousands have visited the Greyhound Tavern to dine on their “world-famous” onion rings and award-winning fried chicken. Today, it also boasts the best fish sandwich and brunch around.

Just ask one of the 400 guests during the restaurant’s Sunday brunches, which run every weekend 10 a.m.-2 p.m. From sausage-egg casserole to French toast to delicious crepes, $15.25 gets you an all-you-can-eat brunch and a beverage. There’s also a lunch line with meats, salads and rolls. The dessert table offers cookies, brownies, cream puffs and traditional bread pudding.

The Greyhound is committed to family dining and community.

“It’s a community restaurant,” says restaurant co-owner Mary Ann Wainscott. “We’ve been here almost our whole lives, and it’s really a family business.”

Along with her husband, Wainscott and her seven children have worked at the restaurant, whether that’s welcoming diners at the door or helping out in the kitchen.

But for Wainscott, it goes further than family. Next year will be the restaurant’s 25th anniversary, where all the employees will be celebrated, especially those there since the beginning. “We could not have been so successful without them,” she says. “A lot of people will say they like the service or they like the food at a restaurant, but my husband and I have always said that everything has to be right,” Wainscott says. “We strive for a relaxed and charming atmosphere.”

Greyhound Tavern, 2500 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell. (859) 331-3767 or

Holiday Favorite: Tewes’ Turkeys Fresh on the Farm

At first, Dan Tewes looks a bit outnumbered standing in the middle of a huge, outdoor pen filled with 3,000 free-roaming red-necked, white-feathered gobbling turkeys. But as he gracefully bends down and gently swoops one into his arms, it’s obvious he knows what he’s doing.

Tewes (along with his wife, five kids and extended family during the holidays) is the current owner of Tewes Poultry Farm in Erlanger, which has been passed down generations since 1920, when Tewes’ grandpa was selling just chickens, one-cent eggs and colored chicks for Easter.

In the 1950s, turkeys were added to that list. Almost a century later, and the Tewes Farm now specializes in quality poultry year round, including raised chickens for meat and eggs, and fresh turkey for the holiday season.

Since it is the only turkey farm in the area and the only natural turkey farm in Kentucky, Thanksgiving especially means big business for the Tewes family. Tewes estimates that over the course of a couple days during Thanksgiving, he sells about 2,000 turkeys, with the remaining 1,000 sold during the rest of November and December.

The turkeys come dressed, ready to be cooked and in any size ranging from 17 to 40 pounds (though the recommended size for a full, meaty turkey is 20 lbs). All the turkeys are also raised naturally, which means they are free of hormones and not in cages. You can even see them from the road as you drive by.

Tewes says the only problem with his turkeys: “They’re just too good. You’re going to eat too much.”

Tewes Poultry Products, 2801 Crescent Springs Pike, Erlanger. (859) 341-8844 or

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