With a dance-family atmosphere that’s positive and uplifting, Rapture Dance Company continues to grow. The studio is going into its third season and is offering a wide range of classes from ballet, jazz and hip hop to lyrical, contemporary and more.

Lauren Crawford, owner and artistic director of Rapture Dance Company, says with younger students, hip hop and jazz are extremely popular. Older students appreciate lyrical and contemporary because those styles allow them to express themselves artistically.

There are also choreography sessions as well as adult classes, which will be offered this fall. Classes are broken down by different levels, based on age and experience. Competitive and recreational tracks are available. About 80 students, ages 2-18, regularly take classes at the studio.

Crawford says the name of the studio comes from its mission statement: “Working to instill a feeling of intense joy and bliss with empowerment through entertainment, education and technique.”

“For me, the word rapture [defined as a feeling of intense joy and bliss] meant a lot to me, because that’s the feeling I want our dancers to feel when they’re dancing. I want them to realize dance, while it is a sport, it’s also an art form, and it’s an opportunity to express yourself,” Crawford says.

Rapture Dance Company has a facility with two studios. Both studios feature sprung floors with a Marley (vinyl) overlay. Crawford says a sprung floor is designed to help preserve the dancers’ joints and it helps to reduce the risk of injury. Plus, there are tumbling mats for acrobatics.

Rapture Dance Company also has a spacious lobby, which allows parents to view their children at all times during dance classes (with a free Wi-Fi code if they want to work while they’re watching a class.) Additionally, there is a kitchen or break room for dancers in middle school and older who want to hang out in between classes, relax, eat a meal or do homework.

All of the instructors at Rapture Dance Company have graduated with a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts,) specifically for dance, are currently working on their BFA in dance in college, or have done professional work in the dance field.

“The reason that I’ve always wanted to open a studio is to help mentor students and strong dancers with proper technique, but also to serve as a positive mentor in their lives. I feel like at our studio, we do offer a good balance of that. We’re helping dancers become confident, not only in themselves, but in their dancing,” says Crawford. 

Students come from as far away as California, Ohio, or Camp Springs, Kentucky, as well as from Union, Walton Verona, the Mount Zion area, Newport, Fort Thomas and Cold Spring to take classes.

“We do have a good draw from a lot of different areas in Northern Kentucky,” Crawford says.

Crawford grew up in Cold Spring and graduated from Notre Dame Academy in 2011. She earned a BFA in Dance and a minor in Entrepreneurship from Northern Kentucky University.

Rapture Dance Company is located at 4016 Alexandria Pike in Cold Spring, Kentucky. Registration for classes is now open. (Registration began July 30 and will close Sept. 23 for the 2018-2019 season—for those who would like to participate in the recital.) For class information and registration go to rapturedancecompany.com or call 859-609-7934. Rapture Dance Company is also on Instagram and Facebook. 

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