With picturesque views of the Great Miami River just a few steps away, Main Street in Miamisburg is a perfect spot to browse for art, clothes and home decor. Miamisburg’s historic architecture offers inspiration to shoppers on the hunt for the perfect gift.

Display table with striped handbags and wallet accessoriesM&Co.

From the cutest signs to the best in gifts and jewelry, M&Co. is a great source of local-themed items like Miamisburg pillows. Lights, art pieces, and purses are sure to catch your eye at this locally owned boutique. Prices vary.

Display of three paintings - stairs, giraffe, and roosterMiamisburg Art Gallery

Local artists exhibit their wares at this intimate and cozy gallery; from landscape scenes to humorous and detailed animal portraits, there’s something for everyone. Come back for one of the many painting classes offered in the studio. Art pieces range in price, generally from $35-$300.

Display table of floral hand painted tiles and accessoriesCurious Styles & coffee shop

This shop offers a unique way to stay alert while shopping: a coffee bar! Sip a latte and find a perfect purse, handmade jewelry item, scarf, or another accessory. Then relax on the antique furniture to enjoy your handcrafted beverage! Prices vary.

Hanging floral print dresses and jewelryBlushN’Grey Boutique

A clothing shop for light, colorful clothes that are both stylish and comfortable, you’re sure to find something that looks just right for just the right price, no matter the season. Blouses and dresses, $22 and up.