Recently I learned of talks about the city possibly closing the downtown convention center, like the Hara Arena has, if new funding sources are not addressed. One doesn’t need to look hard to find that our convention center needs some upgrades to keep up with other like-sized convention centers within a couple of hours drive. I also understand it needs increased revenues to balance the books. 

Dayton Magazine is both a customer (we hosted the Best of Dayton Party last year at the convention center) and a beneficiary that gets business from the center’s participants, like the Mistletoe Magic coming downtown for the first time Dec. 10. I felt very satisfied after the Best of Dayton Party thanks to the level of support given to our company by the staff and its central location. Having parking attached was also a big positive.

In this issue, we present to you a feature by Tim Walker that focuses on the behind the scenes of some of the big events Dayton leaders have landed. No doubt many felt like they received a punch in the gut after hearing that the region would not be able to keep the first presidential debate at Wright State. Some were angry and some, after hearing of the details, felt the anguish diminish as the budgetary concerns were brought to light.

As a region we can be content with the fact that we will have wins, we will experience losses and we will have things we need to improve on. I believe, however, it is God’s-delivered gift if we are afforded the opportunity to choose what we dedicate our passion toward.

In this regard, I see it as priority No. 1 that our magazine do what it can to help our community get a more updated convention center. If you are interested in joining us in this effort please contact me at or 937-329-9060.

— Eric Harmon