Sure the Butter Café has the classic breakfast items like eggs, French toast, omelets, and biscuits and gravy. But it’s the unique and interesting spin that owners Amy Beaver and Sarah Dudley put on some of those traditional breakfast items that really makes the Butter Café stand out from other restaurants.

Take, for example, its jelly donut pancakes—two pancakes with raspberry preserve between them topped with icing.

Or what about its chai tea French toast—four slices of French toast dipped in chai latte custard and layered with mascarpone cheese.

Or maybe its almond joy pancakes—two buttermilk pancakes filled with toasted coconut, chocolate chips and almonds.

You get the picture. This ain’t your average breakfast fare.

“It’s stuff that we just kind of like,” says Beaver. “We even let the kitchen get involved and get creative with things, too. We have a different special board that goes up every week. Like right now we have a hot chocolate French toast.”

The concept of the Butter Café, which serves breakfast and lunch, is an amalgam of restaurants that Beaver had dined in and liked over the years. “We took a little bit of inspiration from different places and put our own touches and spins on it,” she says.

Her parents owned a restaurant when she was young and her dad was a chef, she says. “I’ve been working in a restaurant since I was 14, doing something, and I just really like to eat and I like food,” Beaver says.

So thoughts of owning a restaurant were a natural progression. “I’ve been thinking about doing this since I was pretty young,” says Beaver. “Finally I had turned 30 … and I was talking to Sarah about it—and we had been talking about it for years—and I was like, ‘You know what, we need to do it now or we just need to quit talking about it.’”

That was nearly six years ago. Now the restaurant is known in Dayton not only for its twists and spins on traditional dishes, but also for its focus on preservative-free food and use of local products, Beaver says.

What most people don’t realize about the Butter Café, 1106 Brown St., is how hands-on its owners are, she says. “We’re on the floor a lot with our employees, on the weekend busing tables, running food,” Beaver says. “We pretty much look like one of them.”

And when they’re not busy with customers Beaver and Dudley are hard at work dreaming up new menu items. The Butter Café puts an interesting spin on its breakfast cocktails during the summer months, says Beaver.

“We’re pretty inventive with our mimosas and our bloody marys,” she says. That includes a strawberry/basil mimosa and a mango mimosa, Beaver says. “And we’ll do all different types of bloody marys.”

Well, of course they would. This is the Butter Café after all.