George Schmall, owner of Area-Pro, started his window replacement and remodeling company because he wanted to be a good person. 

While working for a company in California, he saw the shady practices and bad customer service that give the industry a bad name.

“I was just literally sick to my stomach the way that one particular company would just take advantage of people, especially senior citizens,” he says. 

After moving to Dayton to work with his brother-in-law, Schmall decided to start his own business, which would become Area-Pro.

“[Other companies] were in the category of let’s just rip people off, get what we can and move down the road. I never liked that philosophy,” he says. “I’m going to do unto others as I would want them to do unto me.”

Thirty years later, Area-Pro offers replacement windows, roofing, siding, patio rooms and remodeling services to the Dayton region. It’s A+ rated with the Better Business Bureau, and focuses on providing quality products for fair prices.

A veteran, Schmall prides himself on the company’s trademarked slogan, “Old Fashioned Integrity.” It’s something Schamll and his team at Area-Pro bring to everything they do. 

“I never do what’s termed bait and switch. I never sell somebody on that they’re going to get such and such and then we give them less than such and such. I always try to go beyond and give people more than what they’re paying for,” he says. 

He even keeps to this philosophy when it’s not necessarily beneficial for the business. “I’ll always tell ‘em like it is. I can’t always help everybody, and if I can’t help them I’ll them and if they’ve got a problem, I’m going to tell them. I’m not going to sugar coat it,” he says. 

Area-Pro has stayed away from bargain windows—they break down too quickly and, he says, are more trouble than they’re worth. The company’s specialty is energy-saving vinyl windows. He prides himself on selling quality products, and says the company will service the windows if problems arise.

In addition to quality products and customer service, Schamll attributes the company’s success to his team. Many of his employees have been working for the company for more than 20 years. “They’ve been together as crews for a long time. They’re experienced. I was talking with somebody … and he’s already lost some of the people working for him last year. There’s very few crews out there that really stay working together,” he says.

When Schamll started Area-Pro 30 years ago, he envisioned a company that would treat customers with respect. That philosophy continues to shape the business.

“We don’t scam anybody. I think that’s the root of the business—we get people their money’s worth. I’m not the cheapest guy in town, and that’s because I pay my guys what they’re worth,” he says. “I do [value customer service]. I think in all the years I’ve been in the business, there’s only been a couple people I couldn’t satisfy. Those are pretty good numbers.”