Make sure you watch out for the water hazards and the little windmill, because miniature golf is coming back in the Buckeye State. The Ohio skies have certainly been gloomy and, while we’ve all grown weary of staying indoors, the state of Ohio and the governor’s office are working on bringing summer back in a big way starting this week.

While keeping in mind that social distancing requirements must remain in place, and that masks are strongly encouraged—and are, in fact, required attire in many businesses—there are a number of recreational activities that will be cleared to reopen for business today, giving cooped-up families and stir-crazy kids a way to get out, relax and enjoy the nice weather. This week, Daytonians can expect to find miniature golf courses (such as Your Adventure Golf in Washington Township), batting cages and bowling alleys open and ready for business. Gyms, recreational centers, tennis courts and fitness centers across the state are also cleared to open today, providing they follow the state’s guidelines with regards to social distancing requirements, symptom checks and disinfecting surfaces. All YMCAs in the Greater Dayton area will be reopening this day.

Get out there are have some fun this week—and stay safe!