From collecting and displaying marbles, rocks and books to rearranging his bedroom at a young age, Jon Blunt, ASID, designer for Luken Interiors at 2272 W. Schantz Ave. in Dayton, has always had a knack and passion for interior design, though he didn’t know it existed as a profession until he attended college. His portfolio spans from commercial design—completing projects such as Montgomery County Human Services, RTA Transit Hubs and the Dayton Dragon’s Baseball Stadium—to over 20 years of residential interior design experience, inviting homeowners to experience the exquisite possibilities their space offers.

What would you say your signature style is when designing a room?

My signature style is what the client desires. I have worked on projects from traditional to contemporary and everything in-between. My clients come to me to help them realize their vision. My personal style is traditional with a modern twist. I love a collected look and like to use a mix of colors, patterns and textures. I am very rarely accused of being monochromatic. I also believe that the style of the architecture helps define the design direction.

What do you find the most challenging in the industry?

To me the most challenging part of the business is having an idea for a space and not being able to find the right resources to bring that idea to fruition. We are lucky enough to have a huge variety of resources, but sometimes the size, style or color that is required just is not in the marketplace. We either have to compromise or look at customizing things to make the vision come to life.

What’s on trend right now that you’re most excited about?

I am actually enjoying the re-introduction of gold/brass into lighting, accessories and plumbing fixtures. I believe the new finishes are richer and more subtle than the “brass” fixtures that everyone has been getting rid of for the last 10-plus years. Nickel and chrome are still popular, but it is nice to have options.

If someone were to peer inside your home, what could they expect to see or be surprised to see?

My own home is definitely a collected look. I have lots of art, books and furniture from different places and styles. I think most people are surprised to see the amount of color I have in my house. Almost every room is painted a different color, yet it flows together nicely. It is great to have variety, but I also believe that comfort is key as well. I try to make every space useable and comfortable.

If there was one style or design tip you would give to a homeowner, what would it be?

A My design tip to homeowners is to do what you love. Don’t listen to your friends or family; if you think it is right, go for it. And don’t be afraid to hire a designer. Even if it is just a consultation, the professional experience of a designer can help you see things that you may not come up with on your own. In the long run, a designer will save you money and get you a better project than you would otherwise have.